CNC Machining

Custom Shapes

Brad_9010Get the Edge in CNC machining. For complex shapes in wood, plastic or wood composite come to the CNC experts at Paladin. With a fleet of top-of-the-line multi-axis machining centers, plus a state-of-the-art CNC robot (named “Bob”), Paladin is equipped to machine the most challenging designs.

Small to Large Sizes

Brad_9050Our veteran programmers and operators, used with our state-of-the-art CAM software, can handle a wide range of component sizes from shift knobs to wall systems. CNC machining has been our business since our founding in 1985, with extensive experience producing a large variety of parts and products. We can quickly adapt to changing needs and create the right solution for you.

Material Expertise

435A1020Whether its wood, plastics, metals or wood composites, Paladin can create the part you envision. With over 28 years experience machining a variety of materials we can help select the best materials, cutting tools, fixtures, machine feeds and speed rates that provide you with the quality you are looking for.